Video note & messaging
for collaboration
Send video of any size to anyone and any app instantly. Natively integrated with Pivotal Tracker and many other apps you love.
Add video note to
Tracker stories

Taking screenshots and making slides takes too much time? Explain things quickly with a video. And send it to your Tracker story instantly.

Video of any length
delivered instantly

Vidopop's unique live cloud video recording technology lets you record and send video of any size instantly to anyone and any app.

Super easy to use with Tracker

Install the vidopop app. Record a video, select Pivotal Tracker from Vidopop's built-in contact list, choose a story, then press "Send". Your video is immediately inserted into the story. Your co-workers can watch your video right away.

10GB of free cloud
video storage

Vidopop is FREE. Anyone can create an account for free. Your video is saved live to the cloud while you record. You get 10GB of free storage in the cloud to store your video*.

*$5 a month for up to 100GB. $40 a month for up to 1TB.